Life is what we make of it. The journeys are the travellers.

Fernando Pessoa


The travelling. It has always played a central role in my life. And I am not only interested in long journeys to faraway places. It is also the small journeys I undertake in everyday life, both "inside" and "outside". Again and again my curiosity and interest in people, cultures and systems takes me to new places and into new situations. Their interaction challenges me to look at things from different perspectives and angles and to treat my environment and myself with respect. On every journey I carry with me: my empathy, which enables me to connect with my counterpart.

Whether as a team leader in an intercultural company, as a systemic counsellor or as a therapist at home and abroad - my professional activities have meant intensive contact with different cultures and customs. Professional work in this diverse spectrum is full of challenges and that is precisely why it holds so many enriching insights and experiences. Important criteria in the approach are to keep a cool head, to create clarity, to analyse in a focused and efficient way, and to be in constant exchange with colleagues.
When working with larger institutions such as companies, organisations, teams and families or even individuals, it is important for me to look at and understand the interrelationships on a higher level in order to find communication and solution options.

The guidelines of my work are transparent communication, solution and resource orientation.

Especially in a fast-paced everyday life as we experience it - both professionally and privately - we should be aware of where our needs, limits and goals are, so that we remain healthy and balanced, and we lead a content life.

I'm happy to be your companion.

Tanja Illgen


My expertise

My life and everything that has come and gone with it so far. Born in 1979, I can now look back on 20 years of professional experience at home or abroad, which teaches me and teaches me every day to take life as it comes. I am rooted in Portugal and Germany. After many years of working in Lisbon, I currently live and work in Hamburg.


My training & further education

  • Degree in social pedagogy:
    Focus on systemic counselling and treatment
  • Training systemic consultant & therapist / Certification & recognition of the German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counselling and Family Therapy (DGSF)
  • Advanced training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Certified parent trainer according to Haim Omar & Aristis von Schlippe "Authority without violence" according to Haim Omar/ Promotion of parental presence

My experiences

  • Since 2020 Freelance Business & Life Coach
  • 2016- 2020 Consulting and Coaching / German School Lisbon
  • 2018- 2020 Work as Supervisor/ German Kindergarten Lisbon
  • 2011- 2016 Team leadership / Association for Intercultural Education Hamburg
  • 2008- 2016 Systemic consulting & therapy, coaching of individuals, teams, couples, families, teenagers and young adults/ Association for Intercultural Education Hamburg
  • 2005 -2007 Guidance & counselling of adolescents and young adults with psychiatric disorders / Osnabrück
  • 2003- 2005 Prevention work, counselling and treatment in the Counselling Centre for Addiction and Addiction Prevention / Bramsche & Osnabrück