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"Tanja is one of those people with whom you feel from the very beginning that you are allowed to fully open up and show yourself without shame or shyness. During my exit from the teaching profession, she was a great support to me. Especially helpful for me in this difficult and intense time of upheaval and professional reorientation were - besides her always emphatic and attentive, appreciative manner - above all her active, attentive listening and the right impulse questions at the right time. Her challenging, but not overwhelming way of leading the conversation gave me the chance to reflect on myself more and more intensively in a protected setting, guided and step by step, without then being left alone with the resulting insights. Tanja's coaching was invaluable for me and I still like to fall back on what I learned today."

(Helena, management assistant and yoga trainer)


"Tanja accompanied me in coaching for over a year. Friendly and open-minded, open to everything, clearly structured, she helped me find my own questions. Through skillful questioning and reflecting, I became clearer and more aware of my own constructs. "Is this what you want to work on?" helped me to find out what moves me, what is really important to me. I felt comfortable and in charge at all times. I succeeded in being more conscious of my time and being me again. Thank you."

(Verena, teacher)



"Tanja Illgen has an incredibly clear manner, very approachable and present. By asking specific questions, she enabled me to find the solution that was probably already dormant in me and she supported me in going my way accordingly. After that, the chest pains I had felt before also stopped. "

                                                                                     (Heike, social pedagogue)


" I liked the consultation with Tanja because she gave me healing and effective impulses with her professional and pragmatic manner. The atmosphere was very pleasant. The pragmatic, easy-to-implement suggestions for action helped me to move forward. The conversation was for me an acute, uncomplicated, but great help in (relatively) deep need. I found it very helpful that someone with a professional distance to my life listened to me. Tanja's experience and wisdom gave me important impulses for myself and how to deal with my problems."   

(Ursula, author)


"The coaching with Ms. Illgen was an intensive, helpful and emotional time for me. I fell into a big black hole physically and psychologically after my last job. I was in a very bad way. Thanks to Ms. Illgen, I fought my way back to the top. I felt very comfortable from the beginning, she is warm, understanding, empathetic and ... I have learned a lot during this time together. What I have learned has taken a big place in my life. I am so grateful to have met Fr. Illgen and will turn to her again at any time and of course recommend her to others."

(Christa Wutte)


„Irgendwann stehst Du vielleich da und überlegst wie es beruflich weiter gehen soll.
Erfolgreiche Zeiten liegen hinter Dir ….., dafür hast Du auch oft einen hohen Preis bezahlt.
Du hast alles gegeben und dich dabei immer in den Hintergrund gestellt.
So ging es mir nach vielen Jahren im Pharma Außendienst.
Mit dem Coaching hat Frau Illgen mir dabei geholfen vieles zu erkennen. Verwurzelte Glaubenssätze zu hinterfragen.
Durch Ihre einfühlsame Art habe ich mich sofort wohl gefühlt und konnte mich öffnen.
Sie gab mir viele Ansätze zum Nachdenken…,manchmal hat es weh getan sich selbst zu reflektieren – wie schön das ich in guten Händen war und aufgefangen wurde.
Ich konnte vieles mitnehmen und bin dankbar für die tollen Gespräche. Jetzt kann ich vieles positiver angehen und auch an mich denken. Herzlichen Dank Frau Illgen.“
(Christine Z. Pharmareferentin)