My systemic approach

What is systemic coaching?

This is a process accompaniment. In this process you will be enabled to find your own (solution) ways.
The systemic approach assumes that we humans are in permanent interaction with our environment and together form a coherent system. Every action - whether carried out or omitted - accordingly influences this interdependent system.
People have to position themselves, win others over, cooperate and assert themselves and set themselves apart. This can often lead to disagreements and conflicts, as different needs come together.
Systemic coaching therefore not only looks at the individual, but always at the overall context in order to keep an eye on the interactions.

Als ausgebildete systemische Coaching und Therapeutin begleite ich dich auf dieser Grundlage und bediene mich den systemischen Methoden, die dir dabei behilflich sind, neue Perspektiven und Handlungsspielräume zu entdecken und zu entwickeln.

Systemic coaching aims to bring your resources and competencies to light in order to be able to deal with your concerns and challenges on your own.
It is goal-oriented and therefore works with a concrete assignment.

My (systemic) therapeutic background helps me to find out together with you where your old behaviour patterns and beliefs still hold back your further development. The point is to find other possibilities for action and then to take the desired steps. This can be used in a professional as well as in a private context.



Crucial for successful coaching

  • your inner attitude and motivation to get into a process
  • Courage to question the current situation in order to find new perspectives and ways
  • confidential atmosphere
  • individual rhythm
  • Meetings at eye level, with respect and appreciation
  • fresh momentum



In coaching with me:

  • you find clarity about what you need and where the journey should go
  • you will find relaxation and relief, and your pressure will decrease
  • you find yourself and your strength again and the certainty that you are tackling the current situation positively and confidently
  • you get creative and new ideas, perspectives and strategies
  • you get your hand tools to take new steps
  • you get your solutions



Setting of the coaching:

  • online bookable via Zoom
  • flexible in time & place
  • individually tailored
  • professional
  • German or English speaking