Stress Relief

About the Coaching

Coaching for people who are stuck at work or in their private lives, who feel stressed and exhausted, who are mentally stuck and are looking for clarity.

~ It is a 1:1 online coaching, which is individually tailored to your topics.

~ The coaching consists of two phases: 1. "Clear your mind " & 2. "Figure it out ".

~ The phases build on each other.

~ In coaching I show you how you can find yourself again. You find out what you need and what you want.

~ It is a coaching with "depth - option". Topics can also be considered therapeutically (systemic approach). So you can dare to look "behind the scenes".

~ In coaching we work with systemic methods as well as with mindfulness exercises and different worksheets.

~ If required, an in-depth module can also be booked separately after the two phases.

What we do

Phase 1: "Clear your mind" (3 coaching sessions)

In this phase there is room for you and your topics. You can talk in detail about your current situation. We find out what your concerns are. Maybe you are not yet clear about what your issue is. Or maybe you feel a dissatisfaction, an imbalance or an insecurity or you are currently in a difficult phase/crisis or facing an upcoming challenge that needs an initial clarification.

This phase offers you initial ideas and orientation as to which topics you would like to discuss and already leads to the first relief.

In the three sessions we take a look at your situation and your coaching goals and work out first steps on the way there.

Phase 2: "Figure it out" (3 coaching sessions)

You want to get clarity about what you really want? You want to get to know yourself, your strengths and needs even better?

This phase serves to gain even more security. You will find out how to find more meaning and fulfillment in your (professional) life.

In this coaching section, we will take a closer look at what change you want to see. You will work on your goals and create a plan that will lead you to the change. Together we will set out to discover your beliefs.

My promise to you

You will find space & peace for yourself.

You will find relief.

You'll see where your stress points are.

You will observe and analyze through exercises, your stress, overloads & excessive demands.

You will learn what your own patterns & beliefs are involved in the situation.

You will set limits to your inner critic, your doubt and fear, and you will trust yourself more.

You will get new impulses and ideas.

You will learn how to provide relief in your daily life.

You'll find new ways to manage stress.

You will get more energy and strength.

You will take your next steps with more clarity.

You get

    • A free initial consultation to get to know each other and get a first look at your issues.
    • 1 x 75 minutes 1:1 coaching - sessions, 5 x 60 minutes 1:1 coaching sessions. You will have a personalized coaching session with me every 2 weeks.
    • Inspiration and thought-provoking impulses for your own work after each session, to deepen or implement the issues raised.
    • Customized worksheets and methods to help you achieve your goals.
    • Email support for the duration of the coaching series to keep you on track or provide additional support as needed.
    • Time just for yourself and a safe, non-judgmental place to talk about what moves you and challenges you.

Duration: 2 months, individual appointment

What my clients say about my work:

" Tanja accompanied me in coaching for over a year. Friendly and open-minded, open to everything, clearly structured she helped me to find my own questions. Through skillful questioning and reflecting, I became clearer and more aware of my own constructs. "Is this what you want to work on?" helped me to find out what moves me, what is really important to me. I felt comfortable and in charge at all times. I succeeded in being more conscious of my time and being me again. Thank you." 
Verena, teacher
"Tanja Illgen has an incredibly clear manner, very approachable and present. By asking specific questions, she enabled me to find the solution that was probably already dormant in me and she supported me in going my way accordingly. After that, the chest pains I had felt before also stopped. "
Heike, social pedagogue